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New and trying Wireless

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I am new to KUbuntu, however I've been using SUSE for years, and some Debian.  
I have never fooled with Wireless with the WPA supplicant, which I now need.

I have installed the NDISwrapper gtk app, but it wont load, says I neeed to
check Gnome install because of GTK bindings.
I know how to get that working without the gui, but what I don't know how to
do, right off hand, is setup the wpa supplicant part.

Is there a good how-to, or a thread in the archives (that I couldn't find for
some reason) that would help out with that?

(Oh, and getting a WindowsXP fat partition to mount would be helpful when I
set it to defaults normal users can't write to the fat partition.)


See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr.
John 3:16!

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