New document entering svn for Kubuntu docs

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New document entering svn for Kubuntu docs

Jonathan Jesse-2
Good evening,

Riddell and I talked about using this page
( as
a guide for helping people switch to Kubuntu from Windows.  I spoke w/ the
author and he has allowed us to use what we would like out of it.  I have
created most of it on my local source in DocBook format and will be
uploading it.

There are changes to be made to make sure it is up to date for Breezy and
going for Dapper.

It is currently on my work laptop and I will be uploading it to svn in the
morning.  This isn't a major doc like the desktop guide or adept userguide
but I have seen people refered to it on #kubuntu and is something I used to
get my first Ubuntu box setup.


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