New gnome-control-center strings

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New gnome-control-center strings

Sebastien Bacher
Hey there,

One of the features we landed in 18.04 is support for thunderbolt
devices authentification. We missed the gnome-control-center integration
(to be able to review/revoke auths) because it landed a bit late
upstream, but we plan to include that in a SRU.

In preparation for that update I manually refreshed the launchpad
translations template to include the new strings.

The strings are now available on

(see the "untranslated" column, or they have currently the ids 577 to 595)

The translations team should have time to work on those before the next
language pack export, once we have those in a langpacks update we can
SRU the UI in an user friendly way.


Sebastien Bacher

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