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Yohanon Glenn

Just installed Ubuntu 9.04. Trying to set up Hebrew for Evolution email and OpenOffice applications.

I need to mix Hebrew and Latin characters (sometimes Hebrew into mostly English; sometimes English into mostly Hebrew).

Does anyone know where on the WWW I can find instructions to do this? English or Hebrew - both OK. (I can DISPLAY Hebrew; I can't WRITE it.)

BTW, Firefox does some strange things; my blog sign-in page is in Hebrew (but fortunately accepts Latin input) - don't know why/how this happened under Ubuntu (and not under Vista/IE on same machine).

If anyone is interested, I print (successfully) to a Canon i850 bubble/ink jet - CUPS works 100% as a Canon i850 driver.  I have an old HP 5100C scanner that Ubuntu MIGHT be able to see, but the new laptop lacks a 25-pin connector so I'll never know. (Things to consider when "upgrading.")

Finally, tried several times to access  - always sent me back to - was the ".il" allowed to die ?


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