Patch Pilot Report 2011-06-02

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Patch Pilot Report 2011-06-02

Barry Warsaw-2
@pilot in

I only managed to work on 4 issues today during my patch piloting, but they
were fun ones.

This was a patch by Evan Broder to ubuntu-dev-tools, implementing a wrapper
around subprocess.Popen to emulate the Python 3.2 behavior where SIGPIPE is
restored in the subprocess.  It's a good idea and a decent patch, but I had
some questions and made some suggestions, marking the merge proposal

This was a problem with `ipython -pylab -gthread` hanging in Natty.  The issue
was fixed with a new upstream version in Oneiric, and Julian Taylor backported
just the fix to the Natty branch.  I reviewed the change, built the package
locally, tested it, and verified that it fixes the problem.  Branch approved
and uploaded to natty-proposed.  Yay!  My first sponsor upload to -proposed.

Soren pinged me on IRC about this one.  Nova's test suite started failing in
Python 2.7.2rc1 on Oneiric, where it worked just fine on Natty and Python
2.7.1+.  Indeed, in reviewing the upstream Python NEWS file for 2.7.2rc1, I
found a suspicious entry that wasn't associated with a tracker issue.  I was
able to boil the problem down to a small, reproducible test case, reviewed the
change in Python's Mercurial repository, and opened a release blocker bug to
address the issue before 2.7.2 final is released.

Scott Moser reported that Python 2.7 breaks offlineimap, while it works fine
in Python 2.6.  I reviewed the differences in between the two
versions but couldn't immediately see the problem.  I asked for more
information in the Launchpad bug and will follow that going forward.

@pilot out

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