Patch pilot report, 22/05/2012.

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Patch pilot report, 22/05/2012.

Luke Yelavich-4
Bug #1002909  sync mpqc - Synced.

Bug #1002885 merge lastfm - Wasn't really a merge, more a sync and fix FTBFs due to our glib.h change, so uploaded.

Bug 1002875 sync istanbul - Synced.

Bug 1002869 sync inspircd - Already synced.

lp:~logatron/ubuntu/quantal/netatalk/fix-for-992849 - The patch to fix a typo wasn't present in bzr, marked needs fixing.

lp:~n-muench/ubuntu/quantal/open-vm-tools/open-vm-tools.march-merge2b - Needs fixing, using deprecated glib functions.

lp:~logatron/ubuntu/quantal/ac100-tarball-installer/fix-for-848188 - Uploaded

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