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Presentation of the hotforex infrastructure

Theodotos Andreou
We have been invited by the hotforex company to a presentation about how
FOSS technologies have helped then to built a reliable infrustructure.

We will also do a short presentation. Please if you want to present
something relevant to business (in English) they will need a
presentation Draft.

Here's an idea of what willbe the subject of the presentation:

Opening Introduction by HF Management (What is Hotforex… What we do… etc..)

HF Infrastructure Introduction (Who we are, what we do, what we use to
.. etc…)

HF Infrastructure Case Studies:
Full FOSS Office: Ubuntu Workstation Brief, Automation Updates via
scripts, FOSS Backups regime, etc..

FOSS Ticketing Alternatives: Brief on how we reduced cost by utilizing
OTRS for a focalscope replacement, hurdles experienced during the
project, infrastructural brief on what it takes to run, etc…

HF FOSS Backbone - a showcase on the bare FOSS methodologies and
topology stack usage within HF IT Infrastructure. Topics like,
Clustering (Mariadb/MongoDB/GlusterFS/Nginx Webfarm/etc..),
Virtualization/OS Stack automation (migrating from VMWARE to XENSERVER
and its benefits, DebianOS vs CentOS vs other nix choices, etc…),
Realtime Monitoring of properties (zabbix/shinken/logstalgia)
HF Infrastructure Q/A - Taking questions from the CYLUG members.

The event will take place on 18/11/2014 at 7:00pm in Nicosia at Hustle
and you are free to invite whoever may be interested.