Problems with tcldom in tcl8.4.9?

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Problems with tcldom in tcl8.4.9?

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The following small example works well for me in tcl 8.4.7, but
returns nothing in 8.4.9.
Has anybody else seen such a problem?
8.4.7 was used in Hoary, while 8.4.9 is used in Breezy.

First I assign a XML formatted string to a variable:
# set xml "<?xml version=\"1.0\" standalone=\"yes\"?>
<res s=\"97925911\">
<op id=\"0\" >
<ai i=\"1\" v=\"1\" />

Then I want to parse it with dom parse:
#::dom::parse $xml

In .7 I get the expected "doc0" response, which I can continue to work
In .9 I only get a blank line, and no errors.

It seems tclxml and tcldom is the same versions in both cases, but libxml2 is slightly newer in breezy.
Could this be what causes the problem?

Thanks for any advice.
Best regards,

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