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Proposal: +1 vanguards

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

Seeing as there doesn't seem to be much activity on the patch pilot
program, and we could make use of the same kind of story for archive
health in general, I'd like to propose the idea of "+1 vanguards" to
replace patch piloting.

Developers could sign up for their own "shift" of looking after
proposed migration, FTBFS, etc. as well as signing up as mentors or
point of contact for new contributors wishing to participate in the
general health of the devel series. Vanguards sign up on a purely
voluntary basis; a vanguard might just as well work on the sponsoring
queue as on packages waiting in -proposed for migration, or fixing

What seems to often be an issue is coordination of the +1 maintenance
work as well as the need for an accessible point of contact for people
who want to contribute; to ask questions. The hope is that it would be
less intimidating for new developers than asking on #ubuntu-devel at
large when they can ping someone in particular. For example, what
things have already been looked at in the excuses page? Is some
particular problem well know already, with an easy fix?

I have updated the PlusOneMaintenanceTeam[1] pages on wiki to describe
the idea (there aren't much changes from the previous version). I'd
love for people's feedback.


Anyone interested in participating as vanguards?


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