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Matthias Klose-6
Enabling the syncs form unstable brang all the Python2 removal goodness to
focal, however sometimes a little bit too much.  Ubuntu has it's own debt in now
ownerless packages which still depend on some Python2 module which is now
removed in Debian.

When looking at update_excuses.html, you will likely see many "valid candiates"
for migration, however when looking at update_output.txt, you'll see which
packages prevent migration to the release pocket.

Please find attached a script to track the current diff between the Python2
removal in unstable and focal, but keep in mind, that this script doesn't show
the packages anymore, which are stuck in the proposed pocket.

What to do for the Python2 removal?

  - Convert the packages to Python3, this is the preferred option,
    although if it's not done by now, how likely is the conversion?

  - Remove the package. Please file bug reports, documenting the
    check for reverse-dependencies.

  - If the package still needs to be kept in the archive, go the
    painful way, and maybe re-introduce all the just removed
    Python2 module packages.  If this is a source package
    building both Python2 and Python3 modules, your are then
    committed to merge this continuously. Also keep in mind that
    upstreams are already dropping support for Python2. Then
    better build the Python2 modules from a separate source.

    If you decide to keep Python2 based packages, make sure that
    the package doesn't reference any of the python, python-dev,
    python-dbg, python-doc packages, and doesn't use the unversioned
    python binary.  These should use python2, python2-dev,
    python2-dbg, python2-doc instead and use the python2 binary.

There are about 3300 bugs filed in Debian, 1500 are already closed, plus the 350
packages only available in focal.  Please keep the focus on the packages which
are not migrating, and on reducing the number of Ubuntu only packages.

And please don't shoot the messenger, I hope I didn't ever upload an Ubuntu-only
Python2 package myself ;)


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