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Re: 1. Unity 8: power (Hannie Dumoleyn) and my 3 strings

Marcin Xc
Hi Hannie!

This is the string which appears over the "buttons" as a kind of header which names the whole window.
Under it You've got a question ~"are You sure You want to turn off?" and then the three buttons (from which one should be green and the other black ;-P
Bug #1412780).

Anyway I have there also three strings left which I do not understand and can  not find in my phone:

38. Super (Tap)
44. Opens the desktop spread.
104. Emergency

In case 38, 44 I have no idea what they can mean. In case 104 have no idea where/when can I see it?

Best regards


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  1. Unity 8: power (Hannie Dumoleyn)


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While translating [1] I came upon the word "Power", string # 14. The
context is: Title: Power off/Restart dialog.

Does anyone know what "Power" means here? I guess it has nothing to do
with the power supply, but more likely with "Power On / Off".




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