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Re: Electronics: gEDA not working on Breezy ???

Vincent Trouilliez
On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 20:29 -0500, 'Forum Post wrote:
> it doesn't work for me either.  I filed a bug report on the ubuntu
> bugzilla (I hope I did it correctly).  If you're also having this
> problem, you may want to search for my bug report, number 19543, and
> add more details to it so that someone can hopefully fix it.
> --
> gradedcheese

Hi Graded cheese,

Bugs should now be filed to Malone not bugzilla, as bugzilla will very
soon be shut down in favour of Malone. I forwarded your bug from
bugzilla to Malone :

You just need to register an account in Launchap so that you can use
Malone, and leave a comment to confirm the bug.
Sadly, I notice that there is NOBODY in charge of looking after gschem !
so I guess it's not going to be looked at/fixed for dapper :o(

Well, maybe the lack of maintenait is actually a "bug" in itself, and
might deserve a bug report as well ?!


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