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Re: FAM want to remove *lots* of stuff on breezy machine

Rich Duzenbury-4
On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 05:27 -0600, Jeff Garrett wrote:
> > I understand the mechanics of why that would be.  What I can't fathom is
> > where the conflict between gamin and FAM is.  They don't appear to share
> > any of the same file names.
> gamin provides a [it's in the package libgamin0] just as fam
> does.  This way things which use FAM can just link to this and the
> dynamic linker does the magic whether you use fam or gamin.
Ahh, I see.  I guess since these are ubuntu boxen, I'll have to figure
out how to use gamin.

> So there is an actual conflict, as they attempt to provide the same
> service through the same dll.  [Although there's no reason for things to
> depend specifically on gamin rather than work with either, afaik.]
I see, I just didn't look deep enough.  Thanks for the info.


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