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Re: KDE PIM update for Zesty available for testers

Martin van Es

I've tried the upgrade but fail to understand the dependancy circle
I'm encountering.
Disclaimer:I'm not a packaging expert!

aptitude suggests to remove 7 packages, of which knotes is one. This
is because knotes has both version 16.04.3 and 16.12.3 of kdepim-doc
in the breaks and replaces dependancies. Like I said, I'm not an
expert, but it seems strange for knotes 16.12.3 to have a break
dependancy on kdepim-doc 16.12.3?

A little more research reveals that kdepim-doc 16.12.3 is a
transitional package and can be removed. So that would explain the
problems, but fact is, that is not the suggested solution?

In some sort of same way kdepim-runtime breaks kdepimkio-plugins
16.04.3 but here the solution isn't so obvious other than removing

Another circle:
libkf5messagecomposer5 depends on kf5-messagelib-data and resolving
this leads to a circle, unless I remove libkf5messagecomposer5
completely. The same holds for libkf5messagecore5, libkf5messagelist5,
libkfmessageviewer5 and libkf5mailcommon5. They are all 16.04.3
versions so I assume it's safe to remove them?

I've canceled the upgrade for now.

Best regards,

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 6:29 AM, Valorie Zimmerman
<[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Since we missed by a whisker getting updated PIM (kontact, kmail,
> akregator, kgpg etc..) into Zesty for release day, and we believe it
> is important that our users have access to this significant update,
> packages are now available for testers in the Kubuntu backports
> landing ppa. Read the details on the website:
> I've posted this news on Kubuntu Forums, and Twitter (my own account).
> Feel free to spread the word!
> Valorie
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