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Re: Planning to translate Xubuntu 's user docs into Chinese

David Pires
Hello Bobby Rong.

It's great to hear that.

We're just now starting the bb development cycle, due to be release in April 2018, so there's more than enough time for you to complete the translation of the Xubuntu Documentation.

The 18.04 branch for the documentation isn't set up yet but I'm planning on having it ready before the end of this week.

As I have your attention let me also draw your attention to to the Packages to be translated page [1] of the Xubuntu Contributor Documentation. There you'll find all the packages that the Xubuntu team considers important and should also be translated.

If you have any doubts please feel free to mail me or to get in touch with me in the #xubuntu-devel channel on the Freenode IRC network.

Best regards.

Xubuntu Documentation Lead

On 23 October 2017 at 11:32, Bobby Rong <[hidden email]> wrote:
Sorry for my poor English...
I am planning to translate Xubuntu 's user docs into Chinese. About
20-30 lines everyday and it will take about 2 months to complete.
So will 2 months be too long? When will team stop merging new
suggestions into the 18.04 branch?
And... Why am I translating on the series zesty?

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