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Hannie Dumoleyn
Could you give us the link to recipes, so we can have a look at it?

Op 02-03-18 om 08:14 schreef Matthias Clasen:

at the recipes hackfest, we had a long discussion about the problems and challenges of translating this kind of content (recipes, ingredients, etc).

Properly handling a recipe often requires more than a plain translation, and really a localization: figuring out if ingredients are available in a different part of the world, finding suitable replacements, etc.

In order to enable translated content in recipes, we have so far required recipe
submissions to always be in English. But this adds an extra hurdle for potential
contributors: You not only have to write your recipe, but also translate it into
English (which, as mentioned, is not always easy).

Therefore, we want to drop the requirement and let people contribute recipes in
their native language. This has some challenges as well:

- We will not really be able to validate the text ourselves anymore (to fix spelling
  mistakes, punctuation, etc)
- Translating such recipes will now require you to translate from your language to
  another (most likely, to English).

We were wondering what you as translators think of these ideas ?
Will you be able to help out with validating such content ?
Will translating in the 'opposite direction' be a problem ?

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