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Hi guys

I am searching for a tool like GDS (google desktop search), copernic
desktop search (copernicus) as well - so i read about

beagle - wich seems pretty young - no screenshots available on their
homepage... dunno

swish++ well - in this article -thomas templin- writes

> ...for my document folders

> (ca 3GByte). The index file is a bit huge (200MByte)

Well thats not *huge* thats *unbelievable big and fat*

In my case that would mean about 20gb *just for the index file* (300gb
on 3 hard disks)

Coprnic *definatly* needs way less - i once tried another index machine
on win - wich also just tried to create an unacceptable large (even
worse than swish - it wanted 20% diskpace..) index file.

So i wonder

-> Is that *realy* true? Does it need *that much* space?

-> How much space does beagle require?



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