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Report a bug without running Ubuntu system

Christoph Pleger-2

on a server, I have a chroot directory with Ubuntu 20.04 installed. This
directory is exported readonly as an NFSROOT for clients being booted by
PXE; on the client, the initrd "makes the root directory writable" by
using aufs on top of the readonly nfs export. Unfortunately, this does
not work correctly any more (it did before in earlier Ubuntu LTS
versions) on the clients: When I try to create a new file or directory
directly in the root directory, that works, but when I try that in a
subdirectory, like /usr or /var, I get "Operation not supported". The
same error occurs with overlayfs instead of aufs.

But I do not want to ask for a solution to that problem here. Instead, I
want to ask how I can report such a bug to Ubuntu. I have no running
Ubuntu 20.04 machine and ubuntu-bug does not work in the chroot


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