Reverting/Recovering from imcompatible license issue (Japanese Translation)

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Reverting/Recovering from imcompatible license issue (Japanese Translation)

Fumihito YOSHIDA-2

 * This mail are drafted at ubuntu-jp lists
( ),
thank you for lists members. *

Our Action

We are in the process of resolving license incompatibility issue
caused by one of our contributors

Based on the two mails from the contributor (not distributed to this
list) and past discussions, we found that the contributor used
translation services which violates the 3-Clause BSD license.

So, Ubuntu Japanese Translators+Ubuntu Japanese Team decided to revert
(to English) and retranslate (English -> Japanese)
ALL suspicious *commits and suggestions* with clean room process.

Since our resources are limited and the deadline for 17.04 translation
is almost there, we decided the priority as follows;
(We already began Phase 1)

   * Phase 1. Packages in Ubuntu main.
   * Phase 2. Related Ubuntu Flavours
   * Phase 3. Other projects.
   * Phase 4. Others (if exists)


original mail from contributor:

Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 19:24:21 +0900
In-Reply-To: <CAMYo6oCbbstu_8tf8d-DOD0KVrLt2WPqGr__xqA=[hidden email]>
Message-ID: <CADN5nyRT=oA4yycA6RmfX5CCt=P7xq=[hidden email]>

Hi Yoshida,

Thank you for your serious response. And bothers me.
We sometimes need cooperation for the future of Ubuntu.

I will give you a clear answer about your question.

My translation work is this procedure (In case of complete untranslated):

1. Translate with multiple web translations. The result is many
different sentences.

2. I will wake up again in sentences based on that.

3. Reflect it on Launchpad.

4. If necessary, return the translated Japanese to English and check again.

The reason why I bother to do such work is raising the accuracy of translation,
Also I am considering that it is not the same text as a specific web

I tweet it on Twitter earlier. (Japanese)

In addition, there are translation rules in individual distributions
and software.
For example, there may be space in double-byte and half-width
characters in Japanese:

   日本語 nihongo

Ubuntu is the latter. Elementary OS is the former.

This is because the rules are different individually,
so I have to manually fix it by hand.
Therefore, it will not be able to obtain a completely identical
sentence with a specific web translation.

I made some translations with Linux Mint.
I just selected Suggestion that was already translated in other projects.
I worked on this to explain to Japanese users.

Twitter (Japanese):

I knew the terms of use of translation, so I intended to use it
without touching it.

The Japanese user taught this URL earlier. I remember seeing this past:

As a precaution, I reconfirm the terms of use of each Web translation.
In order not to inconvenience Canonical or Ubuntu project.

Therefore, there is no sentence clearly copy and pasting the web translation as
it is in my translation.
So are you guaranteed?

I am sorry for troubling you... I really appreciate your team's work.

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 08:25:49 +0900
In-Reply-To: <[hidden email]>
Message-ID: <CADN5nyTc8CaxfGESt179fZAiervSVO_WLAYwe7mA=[hidden email]>


all right. I reply.

Web translations are often provided by translation software companies,
You can get it from a portal site provided from there.
These can not be used during translation.
They would like to sell paid translation software.

However, the world is wide...

There are translation sites which can not get the contract.
We do not know where to get the translation data...
Many people see here now. Your check may cause a server down.
So I was lying down. It was secretly used until now.
I am still looking for other sites so that others can use it.

It's less precise than Google Sites etc.
but it is enough to translate short sentences.
IT terminology? I will replace it with "A" etc.
Long sentences? Search by separating them by period(,) or dot(.).

The old translation was bad in the product even in the product.
I am not good at speaking English directly.
But I could talk with foreign people and translate the software in this way.

However, I needed to teach you more important things.

I have not used web translation recently much.

I am looking at many distributions now:

It is about the forum of Linux Mint Japan that I will exchange in Japanese now.
Now most of my conversation partners are overseas users.
And I am participating in various English communities.
Indeed I became able to understand English directly.
If it is simple English, I can enter Japanese directly without using
web translation.

My latest translation would be this:
It is already in Suggestions, or is my direct input.

I am still immature in translation.
So, if there are other translators, they often leave it to them.
I am doing a lot of translating work at Launchpad now:
- Review (many of which are approval of translation of others)
- Fine modification
These tasks are mostly occupied.

Have you made it clear now?

I am sorry again for concern and inconvenience...

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