Server team meeting minutes: 2017-09-19

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Server team meeting minutes: 2017-09-19

Christian Ehrhardt
== Meeting information ==
 * #ubuntu-meeting: ubuntu-server-team, 19 Sep at 16:01; 16:23 UTC
 * Full logs at [[]]

== Meeting summary ==

=== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ===
The discussion about "Review ACTION points from previous meeting" started at 16:01.

  * ''ACTION:'' nacc to write a release notes entry on ipv6 netboot (carried over)
  * ''ACTION:'' nacc to write a server guide entry on ipv6 netboot (carried over)
  * ''ACTION:'' rbasak to add maintainership info to mysql triage page (carried over)

=== Artful Development ===
The discussion about "Artful Development" started at 16:03.

  * ''LINK:'' 
 * '''Current Work''' (16:03)
  * ''LINK:'' 
 * '''Release Bugs''' (16:03)
  * ''LINK:'' 
  * ''LINK:'' 
  * ''LINK:'' 
  * ''ACTION:'' nacc to consider http2 info in artful release notes
  * ''ACTION:'' cpaelzer to add a virt-stack release notes entry
  * ''ACTION:'' ahasenack add a release note entry on the bind9 key signing key change
  * ''LINK:'' 
  * ''LINK:'' 
  * ''ACTION:'' smoser to add a cloud init (and if there is something curtin) release notes entry for artful
Worth to mention are the bugs around the netplan-transition:
 * bug 1718227: replacement of ifupdown with netplan needs integration for  
   /etc/network/if{up,down}.d scripts
 * bug 1713803: replacement of resolvconf with systemd needs integration
 * bug 1717983: replacement of isc-dhcp-client with with systemd-networkd for 
   dhclient needs integration

=== Server & Cloud Bugs & SRU/Pending Uploads (slashd, ddstreet) ===
The discussion about "Server & Cloud Bugs & SRU/Pending Uploads (slashd, ddstreet)" started at 16:10.

  * ''LINK:'' 
  * ''LINK:'' 
  * ''LINK:''
  * Ryan Beisner is going to review the percona changes that were discussed
=== Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (powersj) ===
The discussion about "Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (powersj)" started at 16:13.

  * ''LINK:'' 
  A KVM is now landed as cloud-init integration test backend, next will be an   
    actual cloud-provider
=== Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb, sforshee) ===
The discussion about "Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb, sforshee)" started at 16:15.
  * ''LINK:'' 
Still waiting on 4.13, available in proposed (see the link above)
=== Upcoming Call For Papers ===
The discussion about "Upcoming Call For Papers" started at 16:18.

  * ''LINK:'' 
  * ''LINK:'' 
  * The Open vSwitch project, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, will host its fourth annual conference focused on Open vSwitch and OVN on November 16 and 17, 2017, at Club Auto Sport in San Jose, California.
  * Please submit proposals to to the following URL by September 29:

=== Ubuntu Server Team Events ===
The discussion about "Ubuntu Server Team Events" started at 16:19.

=== Open Discussion ===
The discussion about "Open Discussion" started at 16:20.

=== Announce next meeting date, time and chair ===
The discussion about "Announce next meeting date, time and chair" started at 16:22.

  * Next meeting Tuesday, 2017-09-26 at 1600 UTC, chair will be rharper_sprinting

Christian Ehrhardt
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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