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Sharing Ubuntu experience

Charles Irons
Hello Marketers

After hunting through several websites, I hope your channel is suitable. Ubuntu does not seem to facilitate positive feedback.

Before retiring from an IT department I used MS Windows and its set of applications.
I am a retired end-user of Ubuntu since 2005 (release 05.04) and want to record my appreciation of all your developers and supporters. 

All my home affairs get done on my desktop; banking, investing, medical matters, daily news feeds, email exchanges with friends and family, etc.

Over the years I have needed help with upgrading to new releases, setting up internet modems and routers, securing my system and data.

The experts who advise me when I post questions to
"Ubuntu user technical support, not for general discussions" <ubuntu-users@...>, 
have solved many difficulties for me.

Ask Ubuntu and Ubuntu Community WikiHelp have also helped with many questions.

As an end-user I am bewildered by the multitude of programs that make up Ubuntu and its many applications but I can rely on getting help whenever I need it. 
Yes, I have learned to do a few things with terminal commands but largely operate as a GUI user.

So I am most grateful to Canonical and the army of experts who make my home affairs easy to sustain. I expect Ubuntu and its other flavours to go on growing.

Kind regards. Chas 
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