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Slightly off-topic but related -- Printing

Joseph Bishay
Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing very well today.

I thought members of the mailing list may have come across this issue
in their schools or offices and could give some recommendations.

In our school we have a multifunction printer-copier hooked up to our
LTSP network where the users are able to print, scan, etc.  The
machine works very well and we have no problems using it with the
thin/thick clients, except for one -- quotas.

In order to photocopy or scan, the teachers need to log into the
machine with their personal code.  They have a quota on the number of
photocopies they can make and the machine successfully enforces the
copy limit.

However someone creative came up with a way to bypass the copy quota -
scan into PDF and email to yourself the document you want to
photocopy, and then just print out as many as you need!

Has anyone come across a way to limit printing?

Thank you very much,

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