Technical Board meeting summary, 2005-11-29

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Technical Board meeting summary, 2005-11-29

Matt Zimmerman-2
Today's meeting of the Ubuntu Technical Board lasted about 2.5 hours,
attended by Board members Matt Zimmerman (mdz) and Matthew Garrett (mjg59).
Scott James Remnant and Mark Shuttleworth were unable to attend, but with a
50% quorum the meeting continued.

After an extensive interview, Sebastian Dr?ge (slomo) was approved for
membership in the Ubuntu Core Development Team, conferring privileges to
upload to the 'main' component of Ubuntu.  Congratulations to Sebastian.

Congratulations also to Mako Hill (mako), Benajamin Montgomery (bmonty) and
Zak P. Elep (zakame), who were all approved for membership in the MOTU team.

There was a brief discussion about how to deal with candidates who had
proposed themselves in Launchpad but not yet attended a meeting.  Many of
these candidates had not been seen in the MOTU community at all.  Daniel
Holbach volunteered to contact them and explain the process of joining the

This spawned a short discussion about inactive team members, wherein it was
resolved that a reasonable course of action was to ping inactive members and
inquire about their intentions.  Members who do not intend to contribute
further in the near future may voluntarily deactivate their membership in
Launchpad.  Those who do not respond to these inquiries will eventually be
subject to the expiration of their membership according to the expiration
date recorded in Launchpad at the time that the membership was approved.

Martin Pitt requested a decision from the Board regarding the implementation
of the Ubuntu feature specification entitled "Hide admin tools and options
to users not in the 'sudoers' file  "
After an extensive discussion wherein many options were considered,
critiqued and discarded, a solution was found which was acceptable to all

No other business was put forth, and this concluded the meeting.

A complete transcript of the meeting will be available here soon, starting
from timestamp 09:02:

 - mdz

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