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Today's Approved Specifications from UBZ

Scott James Remnant-2
Ubuntu Express - Partitioning tool

A partitioning tool for Ubuntu Express. For automatic partitioning, we
would like to share code with the existing installer component
(partman). This will be best accomplished by providing it as an
installable binary package (in addition to an installer component), so
that it can be added to the live seed and used in a standard
environment. partman uses debconf progress indicators, so some
consideration is required in order to provide a consistent progress bar
in the installation tool.

Ubuntu Express - Base System Configuration

The Ubuntu Express installer needs to configure the base system, to
create a user and set a password.

Live CD performance improvements

The Ubuntu live CD is slow to boot and run. In addition to the
performance benefits provided by, the simplified live CD
infrastructure, and squashfs/unionfs, further profiling and optimization
should be done.

Unionfs support in the live CD

As of Ubuntu 5.10, the live CD uses device-mapper snapshots to provide
the functionality of a writable filesystem. Because unionfs provides
more flexibility (e.g., use of read-only filesystems for the underlying
layer), it should also be available as an experimental option, and
evaluated as a possible replacement if it reaches a reasonable level of
stability and robustness.

Make ubuntu authenticate against Network Authentication services

There are many different kinds of network authentication in use today.
Ubuntu should be easily configured to use any of these out of the box,
without asking any questions for the default local configuration. In
order to accomplish this, there should be a single utility, similar to
Fedora's authconfig, that interfaces with package-specific configuration
scripts. Specifically, OpenLDAP and Active Directory should be supported

Hide admin tools and options to users not in the 'sudoers' file

Normal users who are NOT included in the /etc/sudoers file should not
have by default the admin tools included in their menus, nor get
update-notifier messages in the notification area of the panel, and so
on. It can be confusing if they try to access these functions and then
they are not able to do what they believed. This mechanism should be
general enough to filter menu items based on other criteria, such as
group membership

Replace the current gstreamer backend esound with something better

Breezy sets up and uses esound for all Gnome-related sound output.
esound provides a sound card independent mixing daemon. However, users
report many bugs in esound that do not happen when using ALSA directly.
In addition, esound has a high latency which makes it unsuitable for
video playback.

Rhythmbox iPod integration should Just Work without configuration

When an iPod is connected to the system, Rhythmbox should automatically
notice it and make the contents available through its user interface.

Best practices for handling bugs

Gather and document best practices for handling bugs, extending and

Scott James Remnant
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