Trying to put a new program into FreeDOS

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Trying to put a new program into FreeDOS

Karl Auer
For the first time ever I am trying to create a bootable USB stick
based on a FreeDOS ISO. But I want an additional program available to
the booted OS.

Unfortunately, neither the unmodified iso, nor the one modified as
described below, work.

I have attempted to do the following:

loop mount the ISO
copy all files to a new directory
copy the new program into a directory with all the others
run genisoimage as below

The result is a stick that boots as far as a boot selection menu, but
whatever is selected, it just goes back to the boot selection menu. As
far as I can tell it successfully loads ISOLINUX.BIN, then tries to
load ubninit but that fails.

What am I missing? I've read about a thousand how-tos and none of them
does what I need.

Here's the genisoimage command line I'm using to create my modified

sudo genisoimage -b ISOLINUX/ISOLINUX.BIN -no-emul-boot -p "https://www" -publisher "" -V "KA FREE
DOS" -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -N -J -r -c boot.catalog -hide-
joliet boot.catalog -o FD12CD_ka.iso /home/kauer/FD12CD_ka

The directory /home/kauer/FD12CD_ka contains all the files in the ISO I
downloaded, FD12CD.iso from

Regards, K.

Karl Auer ([hidden email])

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