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Lukasz Zemczak
Hello translators, documentation team,

We have just landed a change to ubuntu-release-upgrader that modifies
the message displayed to the user whenever she/he wants to upgrade a
i386 machine to eoan (in the quirks). Previously the message was not
very informative, and with out recent i386-related plans it seemed
like a very bad thing.

The string change in mention can be found below:

         if self.arch == "i386":
-            logging.error("package arch is i386")
-            summary = _("apt architecture is i386")
-            msg = _("Upgrades from 18.04 on the i386 "
-                    "architecture are not supported "
-                    "at this time.")
+            logging.error("apt architecture is i386")
+            summary = _("Sorry, no more upgrades for this system")
+            msg = _("There will not be any further Ubuntu releases "
+                    "for this system's 'i386' architecture.\n\n"
+                    "Updates for Ubuntu %s will continue until %s." %
+                    (self._from_version, updates_end))

If possible, please adjust the translations and/or documentation
accordingly, if possible/needed.
Apologies for the late notice!

Best regards,

Ɓukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
 Foundations Team
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