Ubuntu Developer Office Hours Report for 06/25/19

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Ubuntu Developer Office Hours Report for 06/25/19

Simon Quigley-2

Here is my report for today:
 - I added cyphermox to the calendar for this upcoming Thursday.
 - Sponsorship queue work:
   + Pinged some Snappy people on IRC about https://pad.lv/1802483 - I'd
personally like some confirmation that it works before sponsoring, since
no other feedback has been provided on the bug report.
   + https://pad.lv/1770093 needs review from someone who works with the
Raspberry Pis more than I do; I have a Pi 3 and I'll circle back once I
can get an SD card for it later this week, if needed.
   + Poked sil2100 about reviewing https://pad.lv/1814118
   + Asked bluesabre about https://pad.lv/1822380 - the sponsors team
should be unsubscribed (done) but it does seem there's a GTK 3 problem
here. I'll circle back later this week.
   + Asked for further changes on https://pad.lv/1815684 because some of
the changes included in the debdiffs are not suitable for an SRU.
   + Pinged jamespage about https://pad.lv/1827340 - I'm not comfortable
reviewing it and he has TIL on swift.
   + Synced minetest - https://pad.lv/1828933
   + Pointed https://pad.lv/1766068 towards submitting the patch to
Debian, and pinged juliank (the maintainer).
   + Asked in #ubuntu-kernel if anyone could look at https://pad.lv/1826845
   + Pinged cyphermox, who sponsored the Eoan upload for
https://pad.lv/1828948 to see if he plans on driving the SRU.
   + Sponsored https://pad.lv/1828230
   + Asked for the location of the package to be sponsored on
   + Asked LocutusOfBorg to review https://pad.lv/1829677 as he has
experience with the LLVM packages.

cyphermox is next on the calendar[1], and I'm scheduled for the same
time next week.



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