Ubuntu users cooperation in the Nordic and Baltic countries?

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Ubuntu users cooperation in the Nordic and Baltic countries?

Aku Talikka
Hello, last year there was some conversation at ubuntu-nordic mailing
list about establishing an association or some other kind of cooperation
for Ubuntu users in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In your national
forums, have you discussed if there is need or use for such an
association? Denmark has an official national association already. Most
countries do not, though the communities of course are active.

I nowadays work part-time in a Finnish association https://coss.fi/en/ 
and one part of the job is to explore grassroot-based cooperation
nationally and towards other nearby countries.

This message is sent to the national lists fi, se, no, dk, ee, lv, lt

If you think it is a good idea to establish an association or some less
official cooperation between specific Linux users in the north let us
continue in my blog at

Linux Mint seems to be almost as popular as Ubuntu and the forums in
Finland seem to be very active on the LM side also. I wonder if it would
be good to include Linux Mint in this Ubuntu cooperation discussion.

BR / Yst.terv.
Aku Talikka
[hidden email]
www.robuntu.fi / opettaja

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