Upgrading BIOS on Dell 7240 and HP Elitebook 830 G5 with Ubuntu - Success

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Upgrading BIOS on Dell 7240 and HP Elitebook 830 G5 with Ubuntu - Success

Gilles Gravier-2

I mentioned that I have these laptops running Ubuntu flawlessly with all features up and running in a prior discussion. I remember also a discussion talking about updating BIOS from Ubuntu machines and struggling with not having DOS or Windows to do these updates, and people suggesting all kinds of possibly working Linux tools to do so.


HP Elitebook... You boot into BIOS... you go to network BIOS update (provided you have wired - ethernet - connectivity) and BIOS update works like a charm. Just did it now. You can do the update on AC or battery power (make sure battery is charged enough).

Dell E7240... You go to their web site, you download the BIOS update EXE file (which they say you should run from DOS on a UBS key). And indeed you put that file on a FAT32 formatted USB key, then you boot into BIOS, select BIOS Update, select the USB key as media to look into, then select that exe file... and then you can do the BIOS (machine needs to be plugged on AC, not on battery). Just did it now.

I love it when hardware vendors make it simple for Linux users to update BIOS on their machines!

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