UsabilityWishlist and DesktopVolumeManagement

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UsabilityWishlist and DesktopVolumeManagement

Tristan Wibberley
Hi all,

As a spin off from something I put on the UsabilityWishlist wiki page,
I've started a spec for improving volume management (handling of labels,
formatting media, etc). So I can start a mock up of changes to the media
icon context menus (those that contain mount/unmount), could anybody
give me some pointers on what source package(s) contain the relevant
parts of places, the desktop icons, or the drivemount applet. Also if
anybody knows how the media types and other details are currently
detected, it would help me a lot.

Here's the spec so far:

While I'm on the subject, what will it take to persuade the relevant
people that this spec should be implemented (at least the easiest and
most impactful 80%) for Dapper? :)

Tristan Wibberley

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