Why is my voice so squeaky? - AIF files on Ubuntu 5.10

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Why is my voice so squeaky? - AIF files on Ubuntu 5.10

I installed Ubuntu 5.10 on a Pentium 3, 600 MHZ, 128 RAM
and it runs like dream!!!


BUT . . .

I recorded some AIF files of myself saying some rather
profound things for an EFL program I'm writing: "BROWN COW"
being one of them - I recorded them on a Macintosh computer
running Mac OS 10.4 - on the Mac they sound like me - your
average warped British 43 year-old male.

On Ubuntu they sound like Mickey Mouse on drugs: squeaky
and very, very odd indeed.

I should be extremely grateful on advice as to how to sort
this out as my Language school depends on this.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson
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