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kde shortcuts cheatsheet

Peter Teuben-2

I haven't been able to find a nice way to get a summary of all
keybindings (global, not per app) in KDE. The kreadconfig5 is very

My quick hack in python is in

and the output looks something like this:

# kwin
Activate Window Demanding Attention                : Ctrl+Alt+A
Clear Last Mouse Mark                              : Meta+Shift+F12
Clear All Mouse Marks                              : Meta+Shift+F11
Toggle Present Windows (Current desktop)           : Ctrl+F9
Toggle Present Windows (All desktops)              : Ctrl+F10\tLaunch (C)
Toggle Present Windows (Window class)              : Ctrl+F7
Kill Window                                        : Ctrl+Alt+Esc

mine has about 144 entries, the way I wrote it. It comes from parsing
the ~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc, which has close to 300 entries in my case.

So, is there a  better way?  I found 3 cheat sheets, but they are
shorter versions, and are not the one  you might have been tinkering with:


  - peter

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