[loco-contacts] Asking invitations of Ubucon Summit in Pasadena

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[loco-contacts] Asking invitations of Ubucon Summit in Pasadena

Taehee Jang
Hi all Ubuntu members,
I'm Taehee Jang from Ubuntu Korea Community.

We're sending many emails because we're voting a new leader and preparing for taking over to next organizers.
Please understand although we send more mails in February.

I want to know issuing invitations for Ubucon Summit in Pasadena.
Would loco council or organization team give us invitations for Korean team leaders and Openstack Korean team leader?
I wanted to go last year summit, but I couldn't because of cost issues.
So I suggested South Korea government to support airfare and lodging, and it finally accepted!
It applies not only Ubuntu community, but also all open source communities in Korea.
Government said if we get invitations from organization team, airfare(economy class) and accommodation(up to $145/day) fees will be supported.

The following list is people who wants to get invited.
Name : Taehee Jang
Belonging team : Ubuntu Korea Community / Leader

Name : Youngbin Han
Belonging team : Ubuntu Korea Community / Next Leader

Name : Ian Y. Choi
Email : [hidden email] 
Belonging team : Openstack Korea Community / Leader, Openstack Ocata I18n Project Team Lead

Thank you.
Taehee Jang.

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