[loco-contacts] New leader votes from the Korean team and summary of activities for the past two years

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[loco-contacts] New leader votes from the Korean team and summary of activities for the past two years

Taehee Jang

Hi, members!

I'm Taehee Jang, the leader of the Korean community in Ubuntu.

From January 2017 to February 14, the election was held for the next representative.

The vote was 426 vs 30, and the next representative, Youngbin Han, was elected.

(Total votes: 958, Final answer: 464, Duplicate: 8)

Data: https://goo.gl/ebczQQ

Currently, we're organizing a new management team and will be active for two years from March 1.

The takeover will continue until March.

Thank you to Nathan Haines, Miles Sharpe, the loco council, and Canonical staff for helping our team who knew nothing during the last two years as a leader.

The achievements have been as follows.

Online Community: Updated and re-created the forum and wikipedia, and created Askubuntu KR for Korean.

Seminar: 15 seminars including Bash on Ubuntu on Windows and Ubuntu on Cloud

Study Courses: We conducted studies on IoT and language, and benchmarked Openstack upstream training for contributions.

Sponsors: The number of sponsors to help the Korean team has increased from 3 to 5.

Contest: Signed MOU with Kookmin University to hold open source app for adolescents and white hacking contest.

So far, if we have built the foundation for using Ubuntu in Korea, I think we should focus on development and contribution from now on.

From that point, I think that the next representative, Youngbin Han, is a qualified person as a developer and leader.

Personally, I decided I would have to act as a contributor to expand and promote the open source ecosystem in Korea.

I'm currently looking for contributions to Ubuntu along with small suggestions to elementaryOS and Openstack.

I will also challenge Ubuntu members, previously proposed by Miles Sharpe, to promote Ubuntu in Korea and expand our users.

I wish endlesss development of Ubuntu.


Taehee Jang.

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