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[loco-contacts] UbuCon Summit at SCALE 15x Call for Papers

Nathan Haines-2
UbuCons are a remarkable achievement from the Ubuntu community: a
network of conferences across the globe, organized by volunteers
passionate about Open Source and about collaborating, contributing, and
socializing around Ubuntu. UbuCon Summit at SCALE 15x is the next in the
impressive series of conferences.

UbuCon Summit at SCALE 15x takes place in Pasadena, California on March
2nd and 3rd during the first two days of SCALE 15x.  Ubuntu will also
have a booth at SCALE's expo floor from March 3rd through 5th.

We are putting together the conference schedule and are announcing a
call for papers.  While we have some amazing speakers and an
always-vibrant unconference schedule planned, it is the community, as
always, who make UbuCon what it is--just as the community sets Ubuntu apart.

Interested speakers who have Ubuntu-related topics can submit their talk
to the SCALE call for papers site.  UbuCon Summit has a wide range of
both developers and enthusiasts, so any interesting topic is welcome, no
matter how casual or technical.  The SCALE CFP form is available here:


Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing more details about the Summit,
revamping the global UbuCon site and updating the SCALE schedule with
all relevant information.


About SCaLE:

SCALE 15x, the 15th Annual Southern California Linux Expo, is the
largest community-run Linux/FOSS showcase event in North America. It
will be held from March 2-5 at the Pasadena Convention Center in
Pasadena, California. For more information on the expo, visit

Nathan Haines
Ubuntu - http://www.ubuntu.com/

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