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John Ryan-2
I am new to Ubuntu.
I've just installed Ubuntu 5.10
I print over a network - the printer has a fixed IP address.
When I print, nothing appears on the printer.

It is a HP LaserJet 4000N printer.
I set it up using System | Adminsitration | printers
where I used  Printer | add printer
I checked Network printer, and added the correct ip address
I next added HP 4000 ( no entry for 4000N) and Apply
I left the printer as "postsrcipt", which was recommended.

When I print a document, it stays in the printer queue, but never
seems to reach the printer.

When I check the printer, by right clicking on it and selecting properties,
I get the message
"Printing: Unable to get printer status (server-error-operation-not-supported)!"

I am able to ping the printer.

The system works under windows, and under SUSE Linux

Any ideas?


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