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routing network

At this point I have a working configuration that let me dial into my
business and create a ppp connected network. I have forwarding turned on
for the machine that answers the phone. I dail in with kppd it starts
pppd on the server as part of the login script then kppd starts pppd on
the client and sets the network. Then I manually add the imap servers
email address to the routing table on my machine and I can read delete
email etc. When I send mail though it uses my local broadband connection
to send.  I'd like to set it up so if I call in from someplace where i
don't have an internet connection I can use the mail servers networks
internet connection to send mail. I can ping the router gateway and even
ssh in over the pppd connection.

I can add the gateway machine to the route table

route add gateway-ipaddress ppp0

but when if I then try to make it the gateway

route add gw gateway-ipaddress

I get host unreachable.  Any ideas on how to get this to work?

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