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taskmanager task duplication / latte-dock

Peter Teuben-2

The default task manager has a nice option to group applications, e.g.
if you're like me and have 10 terminals, they are grouped.

But I also use a plotting library called pgplot, and I use multiple of
those to spread my graphs.... they are labeled 'PGPLOT Window 1',
'PGPLOT Window 2', etc.

So you can probably see my problem, my taskbar gets overwhelmed and only
shows the icons, which becomes hard to pick the app you want.   I am now
trying the option to only show minimized tasks, and see if that works
well enough, but that's a radical change for me.

Since corona I use two screens these days, and place the latte-dock on
the other screen.  This also works well for me, except latte-dock has
the tendency to disappear (even though it's running). The only way how I
got it back it killing the task and remove the config/cache files. This
must be a bug.

- peter

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