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Re: [Hardy-LUM] SRU: e1000e-ich9m: no wired ethernet adapter Intel 82567LM Dell E6500 @ ubuntu 8.04 0 replies kernel-team
Re: Karmic config options overview 5 replies kernel-team
Re: [Jaunty] SRU: Fix administratively turn off ipv6 0 replies kernel-team
[Patch] Karmic: Revert ARM-related patches from master branch 1 reply kernel-team
Re: [PATCH 0/2] [Jaunty SRU] The IIM driver support patch was overlooked and is needed for hardware enablement. 0 replies kernel-team
Karmic config options overview 6 replies kernel-team
Re: Karmic Pull Request; UBUNTU: ARM: DOVE: All commits to add support for the Marvell dove SOC 1 reply kernel-team
[PATCH 2/2] UBUNTU: [Config] IMX51: Config updates 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 1/2] UBUNTU: ARM: IMX51: Make video capture drivers compile 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH][RFC] Add IMX51 support to Karmic 2 replies kernel-team
[PATCH] dm-raid-4-5: Add missing brackets around test_bit() 1 reply kernel-team
Re: [KARMIC ARM] UBUNTU: SAUCE: Fix USB and add some Babbage 2 support 2 replies kernel-team
Re: [KARMIC ARM] UBUNTU: SAUCE: Fix USB and add some Babbage 2 support 1 reply kernel-team
(no subject) 0 replies kernel-team
patch usb-serial-add-support-for-arkham-technology-adapters.patch added to gregkh-2.6 tree 1 reply kernel-team
Re: Kerneloops 1 reply kernel-team
Re: [JAUNTY SRU] lp#395219 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Fix kernel panic when SELinux is enabled. 0 replies kernel-team
Re: CP2101 Driver 0 replies kernel-team
Re: Kerneloops 0 replies kernel-team
Re: [PATCH][Jaunty SRU][Intrepid SRU] UBUNTU: Fix the error value in /proc/iomem passed by the kernel paramter "reserve=" on X86_64 0 replies kernel-team
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