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Re: .py question 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: .py question 4 replies ubuntu-users
Re: Encrypted home partition accessible by administrator 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: .py question 6 replies ubuntu-users
Re: Proposal: drop rails and its reverse-dependencies from Ubuntu 19.04 [Re: Maintaining language-specific module package stacks] 0 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: Repo speed 0 replies ubuntu-uk
Re: Add OS's to Grub 1 reply ubuntu-users
Re: going ahead of Debian with a dfsg orig tarball 0 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: grub-install problem 1 reply ubuntu-users
Re: Packages (without .gz) file missing for trusty-security and trusty-updates 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: authbind in platform/supported-sysadmin-common 0 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: Apache2 v 7.2 BCMATH 1 reply ubuntu-users
Re: launchpad and ubuntu 0 replies ubuntu-uk
Re: Can't generate installer preseed file for bionic 1 reply ubuntu-users
Re: Can't generate installer preseed file for bionic 3 replies ubuntu-users
Re: help with sbuild dep8 failures on i386/bionic 1 reply ubuntu-devel
Re: Editing configuration files 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: Editing configuration files 2 replies ubuntu-users
Re: installing Ubuntu https PPA's with squid caching 1 reply ubuntu-users
Re: CPU performance - disable bug mitigations 4 replies ubuntu-users
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