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ACK: [SRU] [Bionic] [PATCH 0/5] Gracefully handle ACPI battery status on Asus laptops 0 replies kernel-team
ACK: [PATCH 0/4][SRU][B/C] System76 darp5 and oryp5 fixups 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 1/1][SRU][X] l2tp: pass tunnel pointer to ->session_create() 2 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 0/1][SRU][X] CVE-2018-9517: memory corruption in 3 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 3/3][SRU][B][C][D] UBUNTU: SAUCE: platform/x86: dell-uart-backlight: add force parameter 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 2/3][SRU][B][C][D] UBUNTU: SAUCE: platform/x86: dell-uart-backlight: load driver by scalar status 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 1/3][SRU][B][C][D] UBUNTU: SAUCE: platform/x86: dell-uart-backlight: add missing status command 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 0/3][SRU][B][C][D] Can't adjust brightness on DELL UHD dGPU AIO 4 replies kernel-team
ACK/APPLIED[OEM-B]: [RESEND] [SRU] [B/C/D/Unstable] [PATCH 0/1] Fix not working Goodix touchpad 0 replies kernel-team
ACK/APPLIED[OEM-B]: [SRU] [B/C] [PATCH 0/4] Fix non-working pinctrl-intel 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 12/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] memstick: rtsx_usb_ms: Support runtime power management 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 11/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] memstick: rtsx_usb_ms: Use ms_dev() helper 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 10/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] memstick: Prevent memstick host from getting runtime suspended during card detection 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 09/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] misc: rtsx_usb: Use USB remote wakeup signaling for card insertion detection 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 08/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] memstick: rtsx_usb_ms: Add missing pm_runtime_disable() in probe function 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 07/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] mmc: rtsx_usb_sdmmc: Re-work card detection/removal support 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 06/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] mmc: rtsx_usb_sdmmc: Re-work runtime PM support 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 05/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] mmc: rtsx_usb: Enable MMC_CAP_ERASE to allow erase/discard/trim requests 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 04/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] mmc: rtsx_usb: Use MMC_CAP2_NO_SDIO 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 03/12][SRU][B][C][D][OEM-B] mmc: rtsx_usb_sdmmc: Don't runtime resume the device while changing led 0 replies kernel-team
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