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Re: Color depth 1 reply edubuntu-devel
Re: Color depth 0 replies edubuntu-devel
student control panel (a.k.a ubuntu TeacherTool) source available 0 replies edubuntu-devel
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Re: Screen resolution 0 replies edubuntu-devel
Re: Edubuntu Artwork for Edubuntu 6.04 - Dapper Drake 12 replies edubuntu-devel
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Re: The Masters Of the Universe Presents: REVU2 Satisfies MoM 0 replies ubuntu-devel
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Re: [breezy] ubuntu device database collection problems 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: lid shut laptop = high cpu load? 3 replies ubuntu-users
Re: Lack of ppc support 0 replies edubuntu-devel
Re: Etherboot on Ubuntu LTSP 1 reply edubuntu-devel
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