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Re: What's the plans for network-manager? 0 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: commercial != non-free software 0 replies ubuntu-devel
commercial != non-free software 17 replies sounder
Re: unnecessary QA work (was Re: dapper-live test) 2 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: installing gnome 2.14 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: cron puzzles me 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: uninstall gnome 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: Ubuntu 6.10 in the news 0 replies sounder
Re: The final artwork 0 replies sounder
Trash/Battery applet [was Re: Comments about Linux/Ubuntu from a former MS-programmer] 0 replies sounder
Re: Some more observations on list etiquette (was Comments about Linux/Ubuntu) 4 replies sounder
Re: upgrade vs dist-upgrade 0 replies ubuntu-users
Re: Gnome's Dialogues 2 replies sounder
Enterprise secure dapper? sudo concerns/proposal 2 replies sounder
Re: cross-platform virus 0 replies sounder
Re: cross-platform virus 38 replies sounder
Re: Tangerine in universe 3 replies ubuntu-art
Re: comments and suggestions on Ubuntu's theming 0 replies ubuntu-art
Re: (Yet another) new logout dialog 1 reply ubuntu-art
Re: Re: (Yet another) new logout dialog 0 replies ubuntu-art