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Re: Upcoming transitions 0 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: Upcoming transitions 2 replies ubuntu-devel
Upstream translations imports to cosmic might be missing (due to translations sharing launchpad option) 0 replies ubuntu-translators
[Bug 1785722] Re: Translation error: gnome-control-center > Nigth Light Schedule 0 replies Ubuntu-es-l10n
Re: Proper way to handle britney hints 1 reply ubuntu-devel
Re: New strings in apport bionic and cosmic 0 replies ubuntu-translators
New gnome-control-center strings 0 replies ubuntu-translators
New component/strings to translated (gnome-initial-setup) 0 replies ubuntu-translators
Re: How to translate for Firefox "Open a New Private Window"? 3 replies ubuntu-translators
Re: Where do we translate indicator-datetime (and family) on Launchpad? 4 replies ubuntu-translators
Bugs reports should include syslog warnings or not? 7 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: Should Ubuntu systemd journal logs be persistent by default? 0 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: Drop "Ubuntu Desktop USB" task? 0 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: New string to be translated in gnome-session 1 reply ubuntu-translators
Re: Old Firefox versions discourage real-world testing of Ubuntu development versions 4 replies ubuntu-devel
[Bug 1696418] Re: gnome-help/ link to removed files 0 replies Ubuntu-es-l10n
Re: SRU quality and preventing regressions 0 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: SRU quality and preventing regressions 5 replies ubuntu-devel
Re: aptdaemon 0 replies ubuntu-devel
16.04.1 schedule details? 0 replies ubuntu-devel
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