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[PATCH v2 10/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: accel: st_accel: add support to lng2dm 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 09/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: st_sensors: fix scale configuration for h3lis331dl 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 08/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: accel: st_accel: Add lis3l02dq support 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 07/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: st_sensors: switch to a threaded interrupt 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 06/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio:st_sensors: fix power regulator usage 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 05/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: st_sensors: support open drain mode 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 04/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: st_sensors: verify interrupt event to status 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 03/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: accel: Add support for the h3lis331dl accelerometer 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 02/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: st_sensors: support active-low interrupts 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 01/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: st-accel: add support for lis2dh12 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH v2 00/12][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: lng2dm 3-axis 14 replies kernel-team
Re: NAK: [PATCH 0/2][Xenial SRU] UBUNTU: SAUCE: lng2dm 3-axis accelerometer support 0 replies kernel-team
Re: NAK: [PATCH 0/3][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU: SAUCE: Add ACPI probe support for ST 1 reply kernel-team
Re: NAK: [PATCH 0/4][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU: SAUCE: Add support for hts221 1 reply kernel-team
[PATCH][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU:SAUCE: iio: common: st_sensors: fix channel data parsing 3 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 4/4][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU: SAUCE: iio: humidity: Support acpi probe for hts211 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 3/4][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU: SAUCE: iio: humidity: remove 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 2/4][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU: SAUCE: Documentation: dt: iio: humidity: add hts221 sensor device binding 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 1/4][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU: SAUCE: iio: humidity: add support to hts221 rh/temp combo device 0 replies kernel-team
[PATCH 0/4][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU: SAUCE: Add support for hts221 8 replies kernel-team
1 ... 910111213