unable to install outstanding updates for my new K14.04 LTS

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unable to install outstanding updates for my new K14.04 LTS

ray burke
Can  anyone help-
Upgraded K12.04 LTS to K14.04 LTS


I checked my software&updates icon see attached and I clicked and
other software and I noticed
that some parameters were disabled on upgrade K12.04 to K14.04,  so I
tried a click in the box
of “disabled on upgrade to TRUSTY  trusty”, it then updated the cache
and was able to install
those two outstanding updates I send a copy of, then when I checked
“history” thru Muon
software centre it showed that Firefox 56.0 was installed, even
thought I have f/f 51.1.0
locked?, should I also ticked the remaining disabled parameters that
shows in the attached
“software&updates” (which I can make available when asked?


I couldn't sleep last night thinking about what I had done, and not
sure if I need to box tick
those “disabled on upgrade to TRUSTY  trusty”, as I realize that this
happened the other day
with the same two updates, not able to install, as I think when I
closed FireFox 51.0.1, it
then was able to install those two updates, but upgraded the F/F
51.0.1 to F/F 55.0.
But F/F51.0.1 was still available as had it locked.
So I decided to close F/F 51.0.1, and install those outstanding
updates,which installed, but as
said previous it updated to F/F 56.0, so to me it seems that the
“libcgmanager0 and yelp.sxl
are both part of installment with FireFox, Do think that is correct?\
And now should I untick  that “disabled on upgrade to TRUSTY  trusty”
Do you know how to grid place my desktop Icons, or to be able to move
them into positions
that I want?

PS the 2 updates were libcgmaner0 28.8 kb and yelp-xsl 220.1 kb

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