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George 'Chip' Smith
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I would like to start a thread about upstart. We have encountered
upstart in the versions and we understand how it works. That being
said, we have a problem with using it and believe that other
facilities will also have a similar problem.
To define the problem, when we install our machines, whether is be a
workstation or a server (a laptop for that matter), we have been able
in the past to shut service off in the end/post install portion of the
system load easily. We do this for a number of reasons, not the least
being security reasons in some of the services.
We are very concerned about the future development of upstart (we are
speaking down about it) and seeing that there are easier ways to deal
with easily turning on and off services. We would (and other
facilities that automate their installs) like to see a command line
interface to do this -- many of the bug reports and/or message boards
go on about doing something similar to the old style chkconfig and I
believe on of your developers even stated the possibility of
enable/disable commands.

Is there anything available that can help us move forward to update
and or reinstall 200 machines in the coming 9.10 release that helps
answer the idea?

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Re: upstart

Scott James Remnant-2
Upstart is still in development, and one of the missing but planned
features is the ability to disable services through the initctl tool.

Scott James Remnant
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