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very frustrating Breezy
hello guys... i've been using ubuntu since hoary as my secondary OS, i
did a fresh install of breezy a few days ago and i installed firestarter
as my firewall using synaptics... i noticed that when i run in the gui
or in the terminal it takes 5 mins to show up in the screen in hoary
this never happens to me.... i dont know why, and also, i configured my
adsl using "sudo pppoeconf" command in the terminal as usual it ask me
to if i want to connect my adsl during startup and i answered next....
but everytime i start breezy... i have to do the process all over
again... very frustrating,

another one is... when i try to mount the other partitions(windows)
using the mount command in the terminal, well there is nothing wrong
with the command coz i did the very same thing when i was in hoary....
in breezy it mounts normally but everytime i log in to breezy... i have
to mount again the partitions.... grrrrr >:o   and also when i go to
administration>disk.... it also takes 5-10 mins to show up.....

help me guys.... im just newbie when it comes to linux, how do i resolve
this issues???

my system

P4 2.53Ghz
60GB hardrive
intel i845grg mobo

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