xiccd - "unable to connect to device:" error, how to fix?

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xiccd - "unable to connect to device:" error, how to fix?

Chris Green
I see in my .xsession-errors file the following error from xiccd:-

** (xiccd:2505): CRITICAL **: 00:00:39.145: unable to connect to device: Failed to connect to mi ssing device /org/freedesktop/ColorManager/devices/cups_Oki_DATA_CORP_MC342

I suppose this means that there's some missing information about my
OKI printer but I'm not clear what's missing.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this?  I guess one can either tell xiccd
to ignore the MC342 printer or one can find the information required.

... and why would there be anything at:-

Is this a web address, a file, or what is it?

Chris Green

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